Thursday, 3 October 2013

Beating the block ...

Okay so if you regularly read this blog you may have noticed that I haven't blogged consistently or at all for the past week or so. This was due to a number of reasons 1)  I left my laptop charger at my Parents and them the boy's laptop broke 2) After not wearing much make up in Canada or writing for that matter I just felt uninspired. I knew I still loved beauty and still wanted to write and blog, I just needed to get into the rhythm and the love of all things beauty. 3) If I'm honest I just haven't had all that much time to concentrate in the past month I returned from Canada,moved into a new house,got a new part time job and started my masters (Journalism if you were wondering- defiantly helps get into the swing of writing)

With all this in mind I decided to dedicate a post to staying inspired and beating the block :)

1) I love sitting with magazines, a pair of scissors,prit stick and paper to make 'inspiration boards'. On here I put new trends, style icons and new products.Make notes and be aware of whats happening.
2) Have somewhere that is you're space where you can spread out,have the time you need and feel inspired. Above is a picture of my temporary coffee table desk.
3) PLAN!
4) As geeky as it sounds but READ, READ AND MAYBE READ a bit more. Magazines,blogs,books and even you tube are great places to be clued into you can increase your'e knowledge and stay ahead of new products etc...
5) Most importantly DON'T feel pressured, take you're time and effort but mostly ENJOY!

Thinking about it these are tips that can be applied to blogging,studying or work. What are you're top tips for staying inspired when you feel just a little lack lustre? Comment below :)
Enjoy the rest of Thursday XO

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