Tuesday, 24 September 2013

L'oreal does nudes...

'A tailor made nude lip look:shades for every skin tone.' 

I really do love L'Oreal lipsticks they have an extensive colour range, different formulas and finishes and they last reasonably well on the lip. I must say after seeing the adverts for the new Colour riche collection privee:nudes range , I was excited. I have so many red and pink lipsticks that I just want to find a lovely nude.

In the UK the new limited edition collection features 6 'nude' shades that have been customized and chosen by 6 of the L'Oreal 'because you're worth it' ladies. Each shade is paired to suit that particular spokeswomen's skin tone- The 6 lucky ladies are Julianne Moore,Frieda Pinto,Doutzen Kroes,Eva Longoria,Cheryl and Lida. 

I opted for the Doutzen Kroes 'nude' as she probably has the nearest colouring to myself. Firstly I love the packaging it's slick, matte and looks a lot more expensive than £9. This lipstick is super creamy and melts beautifully onto the lip and strangely smells like Parma violets.
Now in the bullet this lipstick looks an almost Barbie pink rather than nude which was the first disappointment, secondly the colour just didn't transfer onto my lips. Instead it left a sheer , frosted slightly pink - pretty yes , what I wanted? well not exactly.
The formula is bang on I just wish the colour was a little more pigmented.
You can indeed see the lipstick in this photo but I did put about 4 coats on 

 If this collection has tickled you're fancy you can pick it up from Boots for £8.19 and it is on buy one get one free at the moment.

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