Sunday, 22 September 2013

Experimenting with coconut oil

A few weeks back I picked up some coconut oil for purely culinary uses , not only does it taste really good but it has rather a few health benefits.  It's a healthier form of fat and is better than using an olive oil at high temperatures as olive often oxidizes. It is also been proved to help boost the metabolism and control weight (try 1 tbsp each morning - slowly building up to 4tbsp a day).
I had heard a lot about how coconut oil had a number of beauty benefits but kind of shrugged them off - that was until today when I deciding to do some experimenting.

For this experiment I put on a thick winged eye and some foundation and well put the coconut oil to the test. I began my warming the oil and then applied it to my face, paying particular attention around the eye. I then took the oil off with some cotton pads - simple as pie! 
Results:  Sure enough as the oil broke down the make up removed. Almost like the Emma Hardie cleansing balm just a whole lot Oilier . I did also have to neaten things up with a little Bioderma but the majority was removed. Now I'm not saying I'd completely ditch my regular cleanser but I would defiantly use it perhaps once a week as it left my skin feeling nourished. 

If anything was going to work it was going to be the shaving oil and boy it did not disappoint. I think this ones pretty self explanatory. 
Results:   What I really loved about using the oil is that the water simply bounced off so that the skin was left moisturised whilst I cleaned my razor. The razor also glided over the skin rather than catching on dry patches- I honestly can't say how many times I've cut or scared myself whilst shaving. This is something that will defiantly be added into my body care regime. 

Mix 2 tbsp of coconut oil+ 2 tbsp of sugar + 2tbsp of shower gel = a oil,scrub gel hybrid.
Results: This was a delightful little scrub that has left my skin feeling nourished,healthy and glowing. I have honestly never felt my skin so smooth after using this and the shaving oil. Dare I say this may replace my Soap and glory breakfast scrub (if only it didn't smell so good.)

So next time you're in the supermarket why not pick up a jar of this and give it a whirl ? if all else fails it's really good with pancakes or roast potatoes - shouldn't work but it really does .
I picked mine up from Waitrose for about £6.99 and I know Tesco do one as well. Alternatively Holland&Barrett have an extensive range .

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