Monday, 28 October 2013

Budget beauty : Cleanser

No7 Beautiful skin. Melting gel cleanser 

No7 is a brand that I usually just walk past unless I have a voucher and even then I still end up with a handful of vouchers at the bottom of my bag. The odd chance that I do pick up No7 I'm never really disappointed so maybe I'll head over to the stand more often . Back story aside lets move onto the actual review ... 

A yellow tinged gel that you massage onto the skin to create an oil which breaks down any dirt or make up . It does say on the back that the gel turns into a milk when you add water but I didn't see this - This could be because I prefer to use cloth to take it off as it turns into an oil I wanna make sure it's all off !!
It cleanses the skin well with the exception of it's not great at eye make up but I double cleanse so it's not a massive deal personally. This works well with my skin and it is labelled being suitable for Normal/dry skin. I'd definitely agree that if you have oily skin it may be just a bit too heavy.
One gripe with this is that it smells too floral and a bit Granny esq but again that's personal taste and it's not so strong that you can't use it . I'd liken to smell to the Clarins Instant eye remover so if you like that then you wont find this a problem.
Overall I can't fault this cleanser yes it's not as luxurious as say the Emma Hardie cleansing balm but at less than a third of the price it's a new favourite in the budget beauty collection .
you can pick it up at boots and get change from a tenner

Now I'm off to buy some Halloween bits and a pumpkin or two

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