Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mid-Week pamper ...

Concern: Moisture and get my glow back for summer ....

I love indulging in a bit of pampering and when I'm particularly stressed this happens more frequently in the past two weeks I've had a facial,manicure and back massage and although not good for my bank account I do feel much much better. I also like to have some skin/body concern in mind when deciding what to use and this week I wanted to prepare for cracking out the shorts, skirts and dresses and yes ! I am aware of our current weather situation but I'm an optimist.  

Hair and Body : 

Redken Extreme Shampoo and leave in mask : Whilst the baths running I rinse my hair with this shampoo then follow it up with the mask for about 15 minutes. I love this range as it really does help distressed and damaged hair . I've used it once a week for over a month now and can really see a difference. In fact I may do a more detailed review very soon. 
L'Occitane Honey foaming gel:  So firstly I put a generous dollop of this beauty into my bath  to fragrance the bath not only because it smells great but also because it is incredibly moisturising . 
Soap and Glory Flake away : This is my current scrub of choice It's not my favourite but It's the original and works a treat for getting rid of scaly skin in order to give the body a lovely glow.  
Body Shop Coconut Beautifying oil:  Now I know you can get more expensive oils ( such as Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse) but I really like this little oil its cheap and cheerful , smells great and does really moisturise. I often pop a drop of the oil on the ends of my hair . 
Body Shop Chocomania Body butter:  Cocoa butter is possibly my favourite smell in the world it just makes me think of my muma and it is incredibly moisturising. This particular number is meant to last for 48hrs which is great for someone like me who is lazy with creams. After all of this I slip on a onesie with the ideas that it will somehow lock in all the moisture :P


Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm with Emma Hardie Rosehip Exfoliating seeds: 
When my skin's feeling particular dull and clogged I like to mix the seeds with the balm and pop them on my face and use as a mask. I leave this on for about 10 minutes and then massage off the balm. After I've done this I like to place a warm face cloth on my face for a few minutes. 
Clinique turnaround instant facial masque: I bought this on a bit of a whim in the hope that it would give my skin a boost of radiance and boy does it.  Due to it been an exfoliating  mask it boosts radiance and makes the skin look more vibrant. 
YSL youth Liberator serum: My boyfriend bought me this in a YSL set for Christmas( he's been well trained) and I secretly wanted to hate it as it aint cheap . It's great really great- I am rarely disappointed by YSL, the gel like consistency means its a light serum which helps retain youthfulness and glow. 
I then pop on my current moisturiser - Liz Earle Skin repair moisturiser. 

So there you have it my mid-week pamper .  I think we often neglect pampering sessions due to having such 'busy' lifestyles but I am a huge believer of the benefits taking 30 minutes out really does for you.  Feel free however to take longer . 
Enjoy the rest of you're week XO 

Just a couple of little side notes :
1) Apologies for a lack of baking posts I've just not had too much time to bake BUT I am making my best friends birthday cake at the weekend but unfortunately I wont be able to upload it until after Tuesday as we don't want to ruin the surprise :) I will however say the theme of her birthday is Fruit and veg yes you saw correctly. 
2) You may or may not know that as of June Google reader will be no more. You may be wondering how does this affect me? Well it may not but if you use reader to read blogs you will struggle so alternatively you can keep up with your favourite blogs on Bloglovin. I'd really love it if you could follow me on Blog lovin too (It's super simple to use) :) Thanks guys !!!!

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