Thursday, 28 March 2013

A fruity birthday cake :)

So this week was one of my best friends 21st birthday and she decided to do a fruit and veg theme interesting and unique yes? I then decided to make a cake for her , I didn't want to do a fruit cake so instead I did a Victoria sponge with nutella/butter cream filling and decorated with various fruity bits and pieces including chocolate strawberries. 

For the sponge I went with good old Mary Berry who in my eyes can do no wrong she is fantastic. This is the recipe I used which is super duper easy and doesn't require loads of ingredients.  Mary Berry.
I made one teeny edit and that was too use 3 tablespoons of nutella instead of jam for a chocolaty fix.

Buttercream : both for the filling and for decorating the outside 
140g Softened butter
280g Icing sugar
1-2 tbsp milk
few drops of vanilla and a few drops of food colouring. I went for a pale pink .

1. Beat the butter until soft , slowly add icing sugar until smooth.
2.Keep beating until all the icing is combined, add a little milk and mix in your chosen colouring.

100g melted white chocolate
100g melted milk chocolate
A punnet of Strawberrys ( take your time to search for nice ones as strawberries aren't in season and aren't always the best in March .
You simply dip the strawberry's in the chocolate and allow to set.

Lots of fruity themed sweeties I went with gummy cherries and foam banana's . I also made little cherries out of red fondant icing and piped on some green stalks with royal icing.

So there you have it sorry It's all a bit jumbled it took an age to make and I stupidly didn't take notes but I hope you can follow it . Feel free to ask me any questions . Have a lovely Easter weekend.

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