Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lazy Sunday , Lazy locks

So I am super lazy with my hair I love that typical ' French' 'lazy locks look' . I  just love when my hair looks super simple and has that yeah I just rolled out of bed look .However this isn't always the easiest look to recreate in the winter- come summer I will literally do roll out of bed and bam where done (it's got to the point I'm not even going to bother taking hair tools to Canada more room for clothes and make up :) )  I thought I'd do a little post about  what I use / what I do to attempt to recreate the look .  

This is me in palma last summer as you can see my hair is sporting the look I'm on about :)
My sunglasses are RayBan wayfarers and the dress is from a boutique in St. Tropez... Fancy pants eh ?  

1) If I really want a natural wavy look in the morning I will wash my hair the night before and spray it with Tony and guy surf spray and leave it to do it's thing. I then sleep with my hair in braids.  I do think however I will be purchasing the Bumble and Bumble surf spray very soon !
2) Morning comes round and I take the braids out and whack on a bit more of the surf spray . I also use a little of the Loreal professional play ball pearl whip to define. I then use my denman backcombing brush to add a  bit of volume to my 'bangs' and so that they kind of stay in place . 
3) There we are it is just that simple .
Bit of a cringey self picture there and my lovely penguin  case getting in on the act 

Loreal playball clicktey click
Denman brush Clicktey click
Tony and guy surf spray Clickty click

So there you have it See it's simple really ... I am however going to Paris in April so I will defiantly be doing a bit of  people watching with a café et un croissant but in the meantime I've been reading and for a bit of extra hair inspiration .  I may just add that I am so lazy about my hair that the stylist asked if I had dyed it too look ombre and I turned round and said nahhh just growing the colour out a bit so there you have it . 

Is anyone else this lazy ? 

Have a nice week guys!! I know I will be as by Friday my dissertation will be handed in and gone :)  xo

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