Sunday, 17 March 2013

Knickerbocker-glory and Pom pom by Ciate

So a while ago I bought my 'dearest' sister the Ciate caviar mini nail bar kit for her birthday and although the caviar effect is pretty swish it's the two of the polishes that I'm interested in .  Now there are perks to my sister now been 15 and interested in make up ... 

Left = Pom Pom / Right = Knickerbockerglory  

Pom Pom - 
 I love both theses colours but I do feel Pom Pom has the edge over knickerbockerglory. It's a bright in your face red with hints of tangerine and coral. Perfect for the upcoming warmer months ( I keep saying this surely they have to come ....eventually.)  I think this shade  is perfect for the beach - just looking at it makes me smile it's such an uplifting colour. I just have one teeny gripe and that is that it's very drying and if you don't take your time it becomes a little streaky. 

Knickerbockerglory - 

Ciate call this a 'A hot fuchsia pink. ' and boy they aint wrong and this picture just doesn't just do it justice. It really does give a pop of colour to the nails. Strangely the formula seems different to pom pom and is alot easier to apply. Think I might just pop it on my tootsies later this afternoon. 

I'm not sure if you can still buy the nail bar set as everywhere I look is sold out however you can buy full sizes of both theses colours on the ciate website for £9 each and I can tell you know I will defiantly be purchasing once these run out .  Just another side note but how cute is the packaging for Ciate paint pots I love the little bows that just give the pots a little extra twist. 

What are your top summer colours? I'd love some recommendations :)

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