Sunday, 24 March 2013

The boots tag

A few people have commented that they'd love to see a few more 'drugstore' bits on the blog so I thought whats the best way of kicking things off ? Do a bit of a tag . I've changed it too boots tag because my friend s often joke that I live in boots but Superdrug is a bit of alright too. 

1. What is your favourite drugstore make up brand? 
Easy Peasy REVLON!!!  especially for lip products which you will see further in the post. 

2. What are your favourite ' ' products?

Lip: Like I said I really like Revlon lip products I have a selection of most of them but I do really love the Lip butters - I think for the formula they have a strong colour and are incredibly nourishing. 

Cheek:  Topshop cream blushers 

Face:  I really love DR.Jart Water fuse BB cream but I don't know if that would be seen as drugstore but you buy it in boots so good enough for me. For a heavier foundation I'd choose Body Shop moisture foundation and it almost goes without saying but I love collection lasting perfection concealer. 

3. Least favourite product? 
Bourjois delice de poudre just isn't for me anymore but I like to keep it for sentimental reasons. In fact I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Bourjois sometimes I love bits sometimes I hate bits.... weird.

4. Make up bargain?  
MUA eye shadows and for the price they aren't half bad. 

5. Favourite underdog products? 
The body shop foundation I mentioned above is a really great foundation but I've never really heard anything else about it. 

6. Best drugstore dupes? 
 - Revlon just bitten(£7.99) VS Clinque chubby sticks(£16.00) - These are incredibly incredibly similar I think the only real difference to me is that I hate the smell of the Revlon ones.
-FashionistA brow kit (£7.00) VS Benefit brow Zing (£22.50) - Again really similar In fact I prefer the FashionistA brow kit as it comes with a wax and a choice of 3 colours in a palette.

7. Drugstore Product not worth the hype? 
 For me its Soap and Glory Kick ass concealer. I was really excited to try this but it's just too cakey and the colouring is a bit off I dunno I just don't like it - however my sister just bought it and enjoys using it so I guess it's all personal ! 

Just to give a flavour as to how much I love Revlon lip products.

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