Sunday, 30 December 2012

Baking box supplies :)

So I am back to blogging and really want to put my all into it whilst juggling everything else :) I plan to do a baking post every Sunday then a beauty related post every Wednesday of course they may be times when there are a lot more posts throughout the week . I decided to start by doing a post on what I Store in my baking box and see as the supplies needed ... for me - everyone's different of course . 
Last Christmas my Parents got me a really cool Joules hamper full of baking goodies. Although some of it is still in the hamper some bits are my own additions.  

Tins: It's best to have a wide range of tins and as you can see I certainly have a different range of tins (yes that is a penis cake tin guys ) It's also useful to have muffin tins, cupcake tins and brownie tins too. 

I have every cookie shape covered Halloween, Christmas ,Easter everything ... I also have a load of glitter just because every one loves glitter . I then have a load of practical bits and pieces spatulas whisks,palette knife and such like. 

Hope you enjoyed this little post and have a lovely week and new year  

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