Thursday, 20 December 2012

'Christmas time Mistletoe and wine!'

Okay so I don't have any Mistletoe but I do have wine ... Mulled wine to be exact 
Mulled wine is something I used to love the smell of but hate the taste off however as I've got older I've started to enjoy it a bit more. It's such a lovely thing to make from scratch because it fills the house with beautiful Christmas aroma's :)  and can make a nice personal gift.  

Ingredients : 
-2x 75cl  Bottles of red wine I choose Shiraz  
( I don't really know what is best )
- 1L Cloudy apple juice 
-115g Caster Sugar 
- 1 Long cinnamon stick broken in half 
-2 star anise
-1tsbp cloves
- A handful frozen black cherries 
-1 sachet of mulled wine spices 

How to make : 
- Pour the wine and apple juice into a big pan 
and put on a low heat then add your sugar , cinnamon,star anise ,
cloves,fruit,and the mulled wine spices. Heat gently and  stir gently 
to dissolve  the sugar. Continue to heat for 20 minutes 
When  the wine is heated sieve and serve into glasses or bottles. 
I put the left over cherries in the bottles  and put tags and cinnamon 
for nice decoration :) 


P.S I have decided that with it only been 5 days till Santie comes I would blog everyday with some of my  preparations   hope you enjoy  and don't get too 


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