Saturday, 7 December 2013

"Life's too short to wear boring nail polish"

Ciate mini mani month advent calender: 

Originally I wasn't planning on buying the ciate advent calender because it honestly thought it was a novel but for some strange reason I couldn't get it out of my head ... it took over - slight exaggeration! my sister and I decided to go halves and we would share it in the festive spirit. 
Side story aside I love the little calender, it's like your getting a little present everyday. 
The calender comes with 17 mini paint pots in a selection of different colours, from nudes to brights then over to the sparkles!  You also get 4 caviar blends, glitter, sequin pot, funnel and a mini luxe treatment. A little bit of everything to create a number of different looks over the party season. 

Ciate have really come up trumps with the packaging , I really like the little quotes on the calender doors yes some are incredibly girly but you know some are actually a little bit inspiring ...  I really do love this calender , the colours look amazing my only teeny gripe is that I wish they hadn't put which polishes you get on the back . I want a surprise!

Yes advent's started but hey you could just catch up on the days you missed , or you could buy this as a little treat to yourself but personally I think this would be a nice gift for any Nail lover. 
If you do fancy snapping this up it's still available at Selfridges, Asos and Space Nk  for £42 or you could ask Santa very nicely :) 
I also remember last year seeing this in the boxing day sales but I think you'd have to snap it up quickly and I can't guarantee they would do it again this year . 

Have a nice weekend :) 

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