Sunday, 1 December 2013

winter warmer #3 - Candles

It's offically Christmas season! 
I opened the first door of my Thorntons calender , we bought the tree and we will be decorating that tonight ... 
So for today's winter warmer I thought I'd do a little post about one of my favourite things ... CANDLES . 
Now I'd be lying if I said I don't burn candles all year round but come winter I love having cosy scents and them flickering in the background.  Here's a little insight to some of my top picks for Winter. 

The sweet :

Lily-flame Comfort and joy -   I really love Lilly flame candles , there affordable , smell amazing ,have a massive choice and a good burn time so all in all a perfect candle brand.  Comfort and Joy definatly lives up to it's name one sniff and I smile . The website says it smells of ginger bread but for me it smells like chai latte either way it's delicious. 

Wax Lyrical Gingerbread-  Who said candles need to cost a lot? I picked this little cutie from Tescos when doing the food shop.  It's not strongly scented but it does leave a nice gingerbread smell in the house. To be honest I couldn't say no to the little fella on the front.

Gingerbread lane reviver oil -    If you hadn't guessed I love the smell of gingerbread, it's one of my favourite festive smells(just wait until I bake gingerbread then the raving begins).  This little oil is from the Gingerbread shop in grasmere-The lake district. It's perfect for popping on pot pourri or in a burner. 

The comforting:

St Eval candle company JOY - I'm lucky enough that theres loads of little independent home boutiques near my house which means finding lots of new candle brands, it's not so good for the old bank balance.   I have a couple from the St Eval candle company but JOY has to be my favourite it's beautiful and fresh- perfect for scenting the bedroom. This scent is based on mimosa and it is delightful. 

Yankee Candle Fireside treats -   I'm gunna need a new one of these as mines nearly all done. A smokey vanilla this is so comforting and definatly reminds me of making smores around the campfire in Canada. It's got a bit more substance than your usual vanilla candle. 

Flame homeware hot toddy -  This sweetly spiced candle lifts the room and really does smell of Christmas ... I'm even left wanting some mulled cider by simply sniffing it ... 

And the extra mention...

I thought I'd just give a little mention to this little Christmas candle idea that you may fancy copying... We already had a big lantern with a candle in so I just added some Cranberrys to the bottom so it looked a little more festive. 
We also have a real tree so the pine scent is filling the room as I type this!  I love real trees <3 

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and are getting prepared for the festive period 
What are your favourite christmas scents?  Lemme know below :) 

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