Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Marmite foundation

Nars sheer Glow 

I call this my marmite foundation because it's one of those that splits a crowd. Some love it, some hate it . Me I just sit in the middle one minute I love it, the next I hate it. 
I've put off doing this review because I just couldn't decide how I felt and yet 5 months later I still can't. I really want to love it because so far Nars has never let me down. 
First things first I'm sure this isn't the right colour for me but it's the one the woman matched me too.
 Let's get it out of the way I like many others hate the packaging, if I'm paying £30 odd I want a pump! 
I was lucky enough to get given this one in a local Space NK so it's worth asking about but I notice they've started selling it online, maybe because of Christmas? 

This is where I start to get a little bit confused, I don't think it's a sheer foundation instead the coverage is more around the medium but it does even the skin tone and hides blemishes. 
What I do really like about this foundation is that it does give the skin a beautiful glow. 
It isn't dewy nor is it matte it just gives a healthy glow from within. 
This foundation also doesn't have any SPF in so it's great for flash photography especially around the festive period. 

So you know what I think I'll stick with it and see what happens maybe I'll edge of f the fence soon enough.

p.s It's only ten days till Christmas!!!!! :D 

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