Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Ultimate unwind

First things first I've not had much time to blog recently apart from two that went up the other night but they are getting assessed for my course so really I've not had any time. 
When I've not been doing uni work I've been at work no rest for the wicked eh? 
I've finally got some free time and a pamper evening is definitely on the cards which leads my nicely onto today's post :)

I offer you some tips for a perfect pamper and a good nights sleep in time for Santa's arrival.

I love having a lovely hot bath when it's cold and I'm tired as it's a great way to relax. I love to use the Life Ultimate unwind body wash which just smells divine! I then pop a little bit of lavender oil in the bath to boost the relaxation.
For me bath time is truly a time to unwind so I tend to stick on the face mask and catch up on a book .
After the bath I like to banish technology from our bedroom and light a candle or two ... currently I'm using the St Eval candle company tranquility candle but another favourite is Neom tranquility 
 Whilst I'm pottering around and catching up on some reading I spray my pillow with the Neom pillow spray and enjoy a cup of sleepy tea.
My favourites are either the Clipper Snore & peace infusion or Pukka night time tea.
Finally if I'm feeling really restless I'll pop a teeny bit of the badger sleep balm on my pulse points and breath in the floral scent.
I really love this balm and find it really does help me to drift off to the land of nodd... I did a blog post a while back about it here--->http://feedthesharks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/badger-sleep-balm.html

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