Thursday, 19 December 2013

The rise of Counterfeit cosmetics

The rise of counterfeit cosmetics.
Anybody who knows me will tell you that I love all things beauty related. Be it a new high end foundation or a latest release from Urban Decay.  I would say I was a little bit of a collector but this doesn’t come cheap. What drives me raving mad though are those retailers’ often on eBay and Amazon who try and exploit this obsession by selling fake and frankly dangerous products.  

Online retailers are seeing growing numbers of counterfeit cosmetics being sold on their websites.  These cosmetics may look legitimate, with nearly identical packaging but be warned what’s inside could be very dangerous indeed.  Often these counterfeit goods contain ingredient’s that will at best aggravate the skin but at worst due to high levels of lead poison both the body and the brain.

These counterfeit cosmetics are so disgustingly convincing, they have slick selling pages and plenty of positive reviews. I know a bit about make-up and I have fallen for these scams so what chance does a young teenage girl starting to buy make up have? They are being tricked into using the little
 money they have to buy a product that could do them a great deal of harm.

I can completely see why people try to find a cheaper alternative; I mean who really wants to pay thirty odd pounds every time their foundation runs out. But it is disgraceful the way that these fake companies feel they can con people into buying their goods.

So my advice is to hit the drugstores instead.  Many of the brands you find in Boots and Superdrug are owned by the same companies as the high end brands and contain the same formulas.  You might not get the packaging but you won’t get the rashes or poisoning either.

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