Thursday, 19 December 2013

Why do you wear make up?

A friend of mine recently said that now she has a boyfriend she doesn’t see the need to wear a lot of make up when we go on nights out. These left me thinking why do so many of us wear make-up or more to the point why do I wear make - up?   Believe it or not I’ve even had people suggest that I’m a Barbie doll because of my love of all things beauty and that I am abandoning the feminist ‘fight’. What rubbish!

The Telegraph recently did an article estimating how much the average women spends on beauty in her lifetime- it’s around £18,000 in case you were wondering! Is this because we feel we must in order to please those around us, is it clever marketing or is it something deeper? Is it because we compare ourselves to the likes of Kim Kardashian who is famous for her fantastically contoured make up style? Is it that we are constantly told that having wrinkles or blemishes is unattractive so we buy the most expensive anti-wrinkle cream in the hope that it will work?

 No I don’t buy all of that. For me it isn’t about pleasing those around me , I live with my boyfriend and I’m more than happy for him to see my naked face and I’m certainly not that girl who has to have her face on to go to the shops. I’m happy not to wear make –up. It’s just that I feel more comfortable and confident with make up on. It’s something I am interested in; it doesn’t mean that I am giving into anybody else rather I can wear what I want because I am my own person! It’s about me!

So I leave you with the question why do you wear make-up? 

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