Friday, 29 November 2013

Budget beauty - L'oreal Kids tangle tamer

This is a budget buy that I actually cannot live without dramtic maybe but definatly true. 
L'oreal Kids is something my parents used on my hair and I still do today . 
My hair gets so unbelievably tatty and knotted that I need a little extra help ! cue L'oreal kids tangle tamer and a good going over with a tangle teezer. 

Firstly the sweet pear scent is beautiful. I find that using this does truely make the whole hairwashing process that much easier . 
It claims to banish tears and knots - which is music to my ears .
It may be purely placebo in effect but I love it, it also leaves my hair smooth, soft and healthy looking. 

Pick yours up from Boots , your local supermarket or superdrug for £2.19 

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