Sunday, 17 November 2013

Winter warmer #1 : The cold busters

There's a definite chill in the air , the Christmas decorations are up and snows predicted for next week. Boys and girls Winter is defiantly under way . With this I decided I'd do a few weekly posts about my favourite season and the things that I love about it ...
A sign for me that winter has come is that I seem to have a constant sniffle - some weeks more than others... this week is one of those weeks. Yes I have filled the whole bin with tissues , not the most beautiful image? 
For today I thought I'd do a little run through of what gets me feeling half decent when I feel like a bag of poop ...

Before bed I like to run a hot bath and put a good few tbsp of the Burt's Bees therapeutic bath salts in the tub. This really does help de-congest the nose and clear the head. I then lie back with a cold eye mask on as I find that my eyes feel sore and heavy when I have a cold. The Origins no puffery roll on is great for relieving the eyes through out the day.
Instead of my usual moisturiser I use the Clarins Beauty flash balm  which brightens the skin and adds radiance. You can tell why this is a favourite with so many people it really does lift the skin.
Lanolips 101 ointment is perfect for relieving chapped lips but where it really shines is if you pop it on your nose. You know what I mean? when you've been blowing your nose so much that you look like Rudolph.

 For make up I like to keep it simple but I still want to look nice.
I use the Body shop moisture foundation in the shade 04. This foundation just doesn't get enough praise in my opinion, it has a nice medium coverage whilst still giving a beautiful and fresh glow. I use some of the Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel to perk up the skin and add a little hint of colour.
I then pop on the Rimmel wake me up concealer to perk up my eyes and cover those tell tale bags.
For me my eyes(and the rudolph nose) really give away if i'm feeling poop so I try and lift them so they don't look as rough.  I use the Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner in the shade nude  to banish a red waterline, I then use Rimmel's Scandaleyes eyeshadow stick in bulletproof beige  to add a touch of colour. Is it just me or are Rimmel really coming out on top at the moment?
Finally I curl my lashes and add a good dose of mascara .

So there you have it how I disguise the "poop face" do you have tricks that you rely on?
Other notable mentions include a lotta lotta orange juice, Multivitamins and a good supply of tissues- I'd recommend the balsam ones as they don't hurt the nose as much...

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