Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dolce Gusto Piccolo KP100640

Today's post is something a little bit different but it's got me just as excited ! 
James and I had been talking about getting a pod coffee machine for Christmas. We drink a lot of coffee and always want 'proper' coffee over granulated.
We saw this little machine on a late night shopping trip in Tesco's and snapped it up along with a box of chocachino and grand cafe crema. 
This little machine is cute and compact, has a 0.6 litre water tank and comes with a starter pack of 6 pods. You also get a £10 voucher to spend online when you register your machine - little word of warning you have to buy 4 drinks but you are getting 3 for free( what a mouthful). 

What I love about this machine is that it is so easy and simple to use , theres no faffing around with coffee and steaming the milk in the early hours . Rather you switch it on , fill the tank , pop a pod in and pull the lever to have hot or cold water .  
If you have something that has milk and the drink you need the repeat the last two steps. 
Within 2 minutes you have lovely coffee shop style drinks directly at home. 

The only big negatives about this is that the pods are a little pricey and that it doesn't stop by it's self rather you have to do this which is fine so long as you keep an eye on it! There's plenty of guidance on when to stop the machine so that you have room for the milk etc...
Generally though I am really happy with this machine, it's simple , compact and perfect for the two of us. I usually hate nescafe but I really love this coffee and it defiantly takes me back to France and Italy.
I was trying to cut back on my coffee intake but hey ho ... we have actually ordered some caffine free drinks. We got Peach ice tea, Chai late , espresso barista and skinny cappuccino. 
The machine is £44.99 and the boxes of pods are £3.68. 

And lets just take a moment to marvel at my mug... and yes it says Chocolate: the lip balm of the Gods   

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