Sunday, 24 November 2013

Winter warmer #2 - Hair needs moisture too!

During the colder months my hair really suffers, especially as I am blonde.
I just find that because of a lack of sun it just looks dull and straw like beautiful eh? 
Like skin your hair needs moisture too! So I find like my skincare routine I up the moisture and layer up those products. 
I've slected a few products which feed my hair !

The Thirst feeders - 

My all time favourite thirst feeder is without a doubt the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme pre-shampoo treatment. I picked up this 75ml tube for Canada and it's still going strong so it's well worth the doller.   You pop it on for 10-20minutes before shampooing, whack on a shower cap and relax. Make sure you really rinse it out well , shampoo as usual and you will be left with bouncy,lustrous locks. 
Sometimes I find that as much as I love the above treatment it can be a little heavy so I'll use the Redken Extreme shampoo and fortifying mask  I bought this from my hairdressers as a set and I can't find it online. You can buy them seperatly from feelunique though !  
First things first they both smell amazing .
 They both contain an interlock protein network which helps to fortifty and protect weakend areas. 

The colour lock down- 

So I mentioned that in winter I find my blonde hair looks a little dull and I need to rely on a few little tricks. 
First up the Marilyn hair treatment from lush. Another pre-shampoo treatment which uses chamomile and lemon to ward away brassy tones and add brightness.  
For me this works at brightening my already very blonde hair I'm not sure if it would have the same effect on darker blondes.  
It does add a lovely hit of moisture too 
Now I don't mind the smell what I do mind is that the consistancy and colour is a little suspect... 

Next up is the TIGI Bed Head Dumb blonde leave-in conditioner . Like all Bed Head products this smells beautiful so sweet and delicious. 
This conditioner contains lock down technology which increases the vibracy of blonde tones. 
It also protects from UV and thermal damage and boosts hair stregnth. 

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