Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New skincare bits : OILS

My skin has been a nightmare recently , I think it's due to bad eating and Masters stress so I've re-vamped my skincare routine and picked up a few bits too clear those pores, inject moisture and restore radience.

Super Facialist by Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Miracle makeover facial oil .

Intially I bought this as a moisturising oil to use during the day when my face needs an added boost but after doing some reading I found that this is infact a pre-cleansing treatment.  When I have a lot of make up on I use this instead of Bioderma .  I massage this into my face using circular motions and really work it into the skin. Then I wipe off with a warm flannel and go in with my usual cleanser. I do tend to use the Clarins extra-comfort cleansing cream so not to over do the oil factor.  I'm really enjoying using this pre-cleanser as it smells beautiful(can you tell I'm big on the way things smell?)  and it is a real luxourious treat - I even look forward to cleansing on an evening.

Nude- Perfect cleasning oil face & eyes.

Having used the Nude purfiying cleansing wash and loving it, I couldn't wait to try this little bad boy out. I was not disoppionted it is a delight to use.  Nude products don't use parabens,sulphates,synethetic fragrance, mineral oil and silcones, they really are nude eh? With a lovely slogan of 'You are more beautiful NUDE'.  The bad stuff is broken down and I do feel that  my skin feels so soft and definatly has it's glow back, it feels clean.
It does say to rinse clean but I would seriously advise using a flannel or muslim cloth to make sure you've truely removed the oil.
Now at £28 this isn't the cheapest cleanser but it certainly isn't the most expensive maybe one too add to the Christmas list?

Tea tree Oil. 

Not an oil you would use all over your face but an oil all the same and is fantastic when you get an unexpected breakout. Tea  tree has great anti- bacterial properties and can be applied directly to the skin.  You will often find tea tree in spot specfic treatments .
I use this oil by applying  a teeny bit on the breakout with a clean cotton bud before bed and leave it to do it's magic.
If you find that using the tea tree oil directly is a bit strong it can be diluted with your moisturiser or cleanser.

If your interested in a winter skincare read you can have a little peek at this article I did

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