Sunday, 12 January 2014

The men's skincare edit : what's in my wash bag

So I thought I'd do a different type of skincare post today.
 Be it that you want some inspiration for yourself or ladies you want to encourage you're man friends to up the skincare routine. 
So I roped in my boyfriends wash bag for you too all have a little spy off, it's nothing fancy but it's the bits he enjoys using (some after a little bit of encouragement that boys need to cleanse too)

Kiehl's facial fuel, energizing face wash (250ml for £17) 
Claims to remove dirt,surface oil and impurities whilst refreshing and awaking the skin. 
Although this gel cleanser does lather up quite a bit it is still surprisingly moisturizing an doesn't dry out the skin too much. 
The combination of caffeine,menthol and citrus provides a refreshing cleanse that awakens the skin and the mind in the morning with out it been too over powering. ( I did a little road test of this and can say I really did enjoy using it in the morning) 
The boy - James says that he likes that you just rub it on and splash it off and the dirt is gone... sounds a little bit like that Cillit bang advert! 

Clinique M lotion (£23.00) 
This light weight moisturizer adds a hit of hydration with added UV protection. It is perfect because it means that the skin is sun protected and is nice and smooth after the wear and tear of the day. The M lotion isn't overly oily or scented so it doesn't aggravate the skin too much. A little really does go a long way. 

Kiehl's lip balm #1(£9.50)

I've been known to steal this lip balm on occasion because it really is very nourishing- upon reading the ingredients I discovered that it contains lanolin so is very similar to the lanolips collection. This is a great lip balm for men because it's not scented,tinted or flavoured and just sinks right into the lips to revive. James even said he preferred it to the Nuxe Reve de Miel - high praise indeed. 

So there's the skincare bits, I thought I'd just chuck in this little extra because James swears by it. To the point that it is the only shampoo he uses, so over to him. 

Trevor Sorbie MG Two in one shampoo (£5.50) 
I really like this shampoo because it does exactly what it says it does - cleanses and conditions.  I don't need to use a separate conditioner which saves a little bit of time in the morning.  

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