Thursday, 31 January 2013

'20 things about meeee '

So I saw this post on Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter's blog and thought hey what a fab idea. It allows you the reader to learn a little bit about the girl behind feed the sharks and if i'm honest I have a bit of a soft spot for things like this ... I like surveys and such like.I have however changed it to 20 things  If you wanna check out Louise's post here is the link ... I strongly urge you check it out her blog is such a good read , full of beauty reviews and general feel good posts :) Link   
So here we go: 
20 fact's about your's truly enjoy :) 

Please excuse the cringe photo :P

1.  Age 21. Study History . No idea what's around the corner

2.In July I am going to work in Canada till the end of so excited

3.I am still a huge child I love anything cute,Disney and stuffed toys. I still even watch Kid's TV.

4.I love the moomins thanks to my mum who lived in Finland one summer when she was young ... Jealous much?

5. I have two tattoo's and want Hakuna Matata on my foot because I worry all the time and hey the Lion King is fantastic

6. Feed the sharks may seem like such an odd name for a baking/beauty blog and it probably is but it was just something I used to say in school( I was a bit of an emo child)

7. Lillies are the most beautiful flower

8. The smell of Chanel Coco Madamoiselle is also beautiful always will be my favorite

9. Reading is a huge past time of mine although I rarely get chance to read a non academic book nowadays

10. I love travel and seeing different cultures. I especially love France

11. I always worry what other people think and I always pick the skin on my fingers ... my boyfriend calls me a worry bot

12.Live music is the where it's at . Last year I was lucky enough to see Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen (with my daddy yes he's a cool dude) This year I am seeing Brucey again... now if only Beyonce was in the UK

13. Yellow is the happiest colour ever

14. My housemates say I am obsessed with make up and Topshop

15. I love TEA and GOOD coffee

16.  Completing the Great North run is my biggest achievement to date

17. You can't beat a good Sunday roast especially the stuffing. YUM

18.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year ... my mum is now disabled and I live away from home so it's a lovely time as a family

19.  I am not a big fan of potato's

20. Blogging is great fun ... I may be new to it but it's a great release and there seems to be such a great community going on.

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