Monday, 14 January 2013

Catching those precious 'ZZZZ's

Sleep is possibly one of the most important things a person needs , it benefits us in so many way so why are there so many people struggling to get some shut eye? It is estimated that on average one in three people struggle with insomnia at some point in their life. Unfortunately I have this problem always have since I was teeny tiny but there are a few bits that do help now and again :) Candles: I LOVE !!! candles and always have them burning however there are a few that really help me feel relaxed and calm...
The candle from the right is from T.K Maxx and the scent is vanilla and lavender. I think it's just the cutest thing and on the side it says follow your heart which is a nice thought to bear in mind whilst drifting off to the land of nod. The ones in the below picture are a selection of some more of my bedtime candles and they include a Gardenia bloom Yankee candle which isn't too strong. so well done to my daddio for that choice he also bought me a cute gingerbread one which I near;ly bought before christmas ( he knows me well) . I then have the little one from space Nk life which was in a bed time bath and body set :)
Whitards dream tea This stuff has been in my cupboard for months but i've just started drinking it more and blimey it's yummy - a mixture of honey,brown sugar and apricot . I mix it with half hot water half cold n bam your ready. i don't know if it actually helps but it's nice to think it does 'beauty' bits I've mentioned the space Nk set which smells of Vanilla, jasmine,violet and lilly which really feels luxurious and relaxing. I will defiantly be purchasing the larger sizes . I also spritz the this works pillow spray all over and inhale(attractive image) now I don't like lavender but this is discrete enough that I can get along with it ...However James doesn't like it ... awkward turtle.
well hope this has been enjoyable and you have maybe benefited. Sorry there wasn't a baking post this week I was at work all sunday then drove back to uni on the night so was pooped (that also helps me sleep haha) but there will be one on sunday for sure :) oh and next week I will doing a post for the boys so keep an eye open

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