Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Khiels midnight recovery concentrate

Earlier this month I picked up the Khiels midnight recovery concentrate I'd been wanting to try a night serum for a while now n I love Khiels as a brand so thought hey why not try the midnight concentrate.  It's meant to be most active between midnight and 4am because this is when the skin absorbs the nutrients best ... interesting eh?  The mix of essential oils are meant to work as one to provide younger,supple hydrated skin .
You know I was cautious but I love it ... I don't know that it makes me look younger but my skin defiantly has a glow to it and feels much plumper in the morning. and it smells beautiful . There are a couple of drawbacks to this product 1) Glass bottle and travelling isn't ideal and the dark blue bottle does make it difficult to see how much is left. You can use it alone or with a night cream... my cream of choice is the ORIGINS High potency night-a-mins. 

 I picked mine up at Space Nk at £36 for 30ml 

Will you be picking up the Khiels midnight recovery? 

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