Sunday, 27 January 2013

Clinique M lotion

So tonight I decided to do a post for any gent's who suffer from dry skin or just want a hydration pick me up! And the product in question is ...
 "Clinique Skin supplies for men M lotion"(priced at £22.00 for 100ml) 

I bought this for my boyfriends birthday because to be frank I was sick of him using mine all the time and although it seems a bit pricey he's had it since August and it's still going so take that how you like?
I can't really give a verdict on it because I don't use it but I can tell you that It won a MEN'S HEALTH grooming award in 2010 for best Moisturiser so you know can't be bad ; )

So what's the boy's verdict? 
Nourishing and doesn't aggravate spots or broken skin making it perfect for after shaving , it's also very refreshing and lightweight without leaving an oily residue.  I really like that it is 100% fragrance free so it doesn't have the heavy 'male' scent some creams and after shaves hold. Don't need a lot of product.  ( He also noted that he probably would't spend £22 on it himself but that's you for him he doesn't understand why I spend some much )

Hope you enjoy mr. Hershey in the background he's a common site on here 

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