Wednesday, 9 January 2013

my 'ULTIMATE' cleanser

* drum roll please* This has been a much hyped product for oh well over a year now but I was perfectly happy with my Liz Earle Cleanse and polish so didn't really see a need for a new cleanser. However I felt the time had come for me to be unfaithful to the trusty Liz Earle.  I wanted to start with the starter kit because what works for sheila down the road might not work for me especially where skincare is concerned.  I got the starter kit from feel unique and good news is it's still available.

Professional facial starter kit includes:  Cleansing balm , cleansing cloth, Rosehip exfoliating seeds,  Hydrating and firming treatment moisturiser and  Firming eye serum .  

I'm really enjoying using the professional kit so much so that I had a cheeky space NK order on Monday and purchased the 100ml version of the Cleansing balm.   Or to call it by it's full name the Emma Hardie Amazing face natural lift and sculpt Moringa cleansing balm - bit of a mouthful lets be honest .
Enough blabbing on... I can't rave enough about this cleanser it really does clear my skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple. You mix some of the balm with a touch of water on clean your skin then wipe of with the cloth provided(you could use a flannel or muslin cloth.) If you fancy a real cleanse and your skin feels awfully congested mix the balm with the exfoliating seeds ... this feels like such a treat :)  The smell is fresh and organic and well the packaging is a little bit swanky too (it must be good if my boyfriend said it looked nice ) . This is something i'll defiantly be repurchasing I'm trying to justify the eye serum too 

Enjoy the rest of your week...

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