Friday, 25 January 2013

First thoughts on my Birchbox :)

So I started with Glossybox then went to Jolie box because well I felt Glossybox was somewhat lacking and although I loved Jolie Box at first I gave it up feeling that it just was a bit blagh- there seemed to be a lot of repeat products and stuff that just weren't luxury enough. However I was excited to hear that Birchbox had bought out jolie box and thought uno i'll give it a try because I like the idea and It's nice to get that pleasant suprise once a month (that may sound bit odd... take it how you like )

Well for a start the packaging has all changed it's now bright pink and I think they may have changed courier because it came incredibly fast (hence two posts today I was not expecting this ). It does however still come with a handy little bag and interesting magazine which I love reading ...
So for the actuall products :)

L-R Tea pigs Super fruit , Wei White Lotus rich eye blend, KMS California Free shape Quick blow dry , Reverence de Bastien unguent for nail and cuticles and Fresh Sugar rose lip treatment

So what do i think? Am I impressed?   
 Well you know what I am pleased with my box I'm not ecstatic but I will be sticking with Birchbox for a little longer. The Best bits for me would be the Fresh lip balm which leaves a ncie colour and is something i've wanted for sometime , I am also excited by teh Tea pigs cos well I LOVE LOVE LOVE tea thats love btw. Wei is a brand I always want to buy (blame Space NK samples ) but can never bring my self round to buying. The only thing i'm not fussed about is the nail and cuticle treatment ... It's just not for me I suffer from anxiety attacks and pick my fingers and nails constantly so any hand products don't really appeal but you know this might stop that :)
Here's hoping next month's will be just as interesting ...

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