Wednesday, 20 February 2013

#2 First thoughts on Feb birch box

Eboost natural energy booster , eyelash curler, Korres Guava shower gel, Vichy thermal spa water ,  Nick Chavez Plump N'thick leave in thickening mist and Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Cream foundation 
So February's box was not at all what I was expecting I thought they'd go down the valentines route but instead they went with London Fashion week which I am happier about .  It's full of lovely little treats there's a couple bits I'm not fussed about but I rather pleased.

Eboost Natural energy booster - Orange -  
' We're relying on Eboost's natural nutrient- rich , no crash tonic to see us through this years fashion week. Just mix with water and drink up ' Full size 20 pkts £20.99
I like the sound of this as I HATE red bull and although I love coffee I'm trying to drink less of it and it's not always ideal. I've popped this straight in my gym bag to try out this afternoon. I will defiantly considering purchasing if it works.

Eyelash curler- 
An eyelash curlers an eyelash curler but it's always handy to have a second pair to pop in your handbag or just as a spare.

Korres Guava shower gel- 
'The sweet, sophisticated scent of this moisturising shower gel will invigorate you while wheat proteins and aloe vera cleanse and hydrate your skin' Full size £8
Now shower gel is a tricky one for me I don't really care for them in boxes I have enough to be honest and if I want one I'll go buy one . Saying that I do love Korres - that there products are natural. I have been meaning to try this for ages so happy Bridge and it does smell of summer.

Vichy Eau Thermale- 
'Soothing and regenerating, this multi-purpose is naturally enriched with 15  minerals and 13 trace elements. It can be used as a toner, to set make up or as a refreshing boost.' Full size £7
This is something else I put in my gym bag I like sprays like this after the gym because it's a nice refresher after sweating it all out .(Attractive image there) . I stupidly lost my mini caudalie beauty elixir on a night out . YES I am that stupid.

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump N'thick leave in Thickening mist - 
'Get visible volume with this light but powerful leave in treatment from Nick Chavez . Just spritz onto towel-dried hair before styling'  Full size £13.90
As much as I love thick hair I tend to just whack in my heated rollers and get lazy about put treatments in but I will give this a whirl I'm sure. I do like the idea.

Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond cream foundation-
'This light,creamy base is easy to apply , offers great coverage and sets to a powder finish . No wonder it's used on movie sets' Full size £20
This is great for popping in your bag but if I'm honest I'm not impressed by it but that is simply because I'm fussy about foundations. Nothing personal.

Birchbox magazine - -London Fashion week edition-
I love receiving the box but you know more than anything i love reading the magazine. It's always full of handy tips and articles. This week was a cracker! I  really enjoyed reading about the catwalk trends and was very very pleased to see that Bright bold lips are still in . I also enjoyed the article about Korres as i really do love there products especially the Lip butters. 

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