Monday, 25 February 2013

February 'super six' favourites

I always enjoy reading what people have enjoyed in the past months and thought hey uno I'll do my own 'Super six' favorites . They may not always be beauty or baking related maybe a whole mash up of my month. This gives me a chance to narrow down and really evaluate what I loved the most but also gives you a little insight into my life.  February was a toughie but I think we got there eventually.
I know it seems an odd time to be writing a post but I really stuffy,worried and can't get off to sleep so figured hey uno I'll do some work (that will hopefully help ) and get a post up :)

L-R Soap and Glory smoothie star body milk , Soap and Glory rich & foamous body wash ,Soap and Glory heel Genius, Giant Cous-Cous , Origins Drink up intensive, Lush Snow fairy, Mac Sheen supreme in New Temptation and Clinique dramtically different.

1) Soap and Glory Smoothie star body milk and Rich & Foamous body wash 
I've put these two together because I think there part of the same range and they certainly have the same scent and moisturising properties. I picked up the Smoothie star thinking it would be a light milk boy was I wrong it's actually really thick. It is however encouraging me to moisturise more regularly.  I then picked up the body wash in part of the 3-4-2 offer in Boots ( I didn't really need another shower gel but this smelt so good- you may have noticed I like thinks to smell yummy) . Like all of S&G shower gels this is super soothing.

2) Soap and Glory heel genius  
Now I have never been bothered that my feet were dry because to be honest I try not looking at them as feet are gross! but when my sister exclaimed 'Eww your feet are horrible' I decided it was probably time to take action. I was attracted to this as you leave it on over night and wake up to lovely soft feet. PERFECT.  After using this I think I'm going to try the S&G endless glove hand cream .

3) Origins drink up intensive and Clinique dramatically different 
Although the drink up intensive mask is one of my skincare wonder products I have been finding it so useful whilst been ill especially when combined with the dramatically different lotion.  This combination really helped  clear up my dry skin around my nose and lips and helped the redness and swelling go down somewhat so boys and girls next time you have the flu layer up your products .

4) Mac sheen supreme in New temptation 
I've had this lipstick for a while now and if I remember correctly it was my first mac lipstick but it wasn't till the other week I really fell in love with it. The sheen supreme are a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip glass which means they are often a bit more suited to the day.  In the bullet new temptation looks like a bright vivid red however once applied to the lip it is a much more wearable cherry colour... mmm I love it.

5) Lush Snow fairy shower gel 
If you know me in person you will know that I love Snow fairy I get so excited when it comes out and seriously stock up.I think it would loose the novelty if they started to stock it all year round so I enjoy the festive period and it always reminds me of Christmas.  It's not the most moisturizing gel but by gum does it smell amazing and the smell lingers on the body and the bathroom all day and it contains sparkles .

6) Merchant gourmet Giant cous-cous  

So this sounds a little silly but I love the M&S superfood salad which contains no leave (happy me) but plenty of giant cous cous however I thought it would be too difficult to find Giant cous-cous in the mainstream supermarkets.  I did eventually find some this month in Sainsbury's (£2.29). It's a really good alternative to pasta and is lower in fat and taste bloody good - I think I will do a post about some of the ways in which I eat giant cous- cous.

*Bonus *
Okay so my February  favourites would not be a mention from these two little guys that my lovely boyfriend bought me ( well I bought the cage etc...) . Introducing Tommy and Cupcake. Yes I know Cupcake sounds girly but I thought it suited him - hes the black fatter one and Tommy - named after my granddad is the ginger and white one .


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