Friday, 8 February 2013

Tisserand FOCUS aromatherapy roller ball

So today I decided to have a little wander to Boots - I only wanted some bubble bath to have a bit of a relaxing pamper on Sunday  however I decided to have a stroll over to the alternative therapies section.  At the minute (like a lot of students ) I am feeling very stressed and overwhelmed  what with dissertation,essays and sorting all the paper work and flights for Canada but yet I can't always stay focused - especially when I'm so tired.  I was just browsing the stress less therapies when I saw the Tisserand Focus roller ball. Although this isn't a brand I've used it is one I have heard of courtesy of The Sunday girl's recent post on the sweet dreams roller ball .Click here. Here it goes I'm going to give it a go anything to help and all that :)

So what's in this dinky bottle ?   

' A base of Jojoba, the roller ball contains a handmade essential oil blend that includes : 
- Herbal Rosemary 
- Zesty Grapefruit & Orange 
- Refreshing Orange leaf ' 

I can report that it smells lovely and fresh so I have high hopes ... now if I roll it on every pulse point on my body will I have double concentration? 

I got this in boots for £4.99 

I did pick up the bath stuff in case you were wondering I got the Sanctuary spa Relax warming body oils which seemed very intriguing also in boots at the moment if you spend over £10 on sanctuary spa you get a classic fragranced candle .  Also just a little note to the readers ... There won't be a baking post on Sunday because instead I'm going to do a pancake post (i'm having a pancake party on Tuesday ) and a valentines baking post later in the week . 


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