Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Current skincare #1

In the past year I have really become interested in skincare I did used to be a make up wipe kinda girl when I was younger but saying that I never particularly had bad break outs or anything when I'm stressed I do get the odd spot on my back but hey you can't see that . I think skincare is so important because you can have the best make up in the world but whats the point if the surface is prepped? With this I decided to do a skincare post about what I use and find helpful ... This may not be correct in the eyes of skincare experts (which I am not ) but it works for me and after all everyone's skin is different :)  

NUDE  cleansing purifying wash -   I really love this wash it's not heavy but is great for just giving your face a little cleanse in the morning and just gets rid of all the sweat and grim from the night before ... delightful.
Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser or Clinque dramatically different moisturizing lotion-   I love the Liz Earle moisturizer it does really leave the skin feeling lovely but I think I will purchase the lighter version next time . IF my skin is feeling really dry I use the Clinque lotion.  
Origins Ginzing eye cream - I like this eye cream I feel it is light enough to use in the morning and I like that it has a hint of shimmer which works to brighten . However I know some people aren't a fan of the shimmer it holds. 
YSL youth liberator serum- I don't use this every day because I just don't feel my skin needs it at the moment however it is great when my skins just looking a bit lack lustre e.g a heavy night of work, early  mornings or hungover. 

Micellaire waters:  I cannot rave about these enough they are great at removing makeup and so handy too. Like many others I love my trusty Bioderma so far nothing has come close for me. It lasts a super long time I've had this bottle since I went to Paris in October so a good few months. Now it's running low so until I order a new bottle I am using the VICHY 3 in 1 which is a good substitute not as strong and tastes bit funky but easier to get a hold of.
Emma Harding Cleansing balm: I actually look forward to using this on a night it's really good at getting rid of any last traces of make up and just leaving a nice clean feeling . I do prefer balms for an evening cleanse.  
Liz Earle skin Tonic:  This is just a nice toner it smells lovely and fresh. In the summer it's great to spritz on as a refresher .
Khiels midnight repair concentrate: If you have read my review on this you will know already how much I adore it . Theres something so luxurious about it . 
Emma Harding eye serum : I only have a small sample of this but i will be buying it full size. It's a lovely serum which doesn't feel to heavy but just leaves under the eye feeling refreshed and moisturised. 
Origins high potency night-a-mins:  THIS SMELLS AMAZING!  It's more of a gel based moisuriser which I sometimes prefer especially at night because I don't want to feel it on my skin while I'm trying to sleep. Once I have completed all of this regime I whack on the NUXE reve de miel and I'm good to go !

Masks: I change my masks all the time but at the moment this is what I'm using. 
Body shop honey and oat 3 in 1 scrub mask :  I have mentioned this on here before it does exactly what it says on the tin ... fantastic!
Clinique  Turn around facial masque: A newbie for me i bought it because of the radiance boasting claim but it's also meant to be an anti aging product. It contains grains which exfoliate the skin.(think I'll try it for a little longer then do a review) 
Origins drink up intensive: Another lovely smelling product which you leave on over night and the skin drinks it all up leaving your face feeling Deliciously soft.
I sometimes also mix in some of the Emma Hardie exfoliating seeds into the balm and use this as a mask.

So there you have it my skincare picks sorry it's such a long post but I hope you have all enjoyed it. I am a huge believer that lifestyle and diet play a huge part on how your skin behaves but I think that's a post for a later date. 
Also another good piece of news Bioderma isgoing to be more widely available in the UK . Currently you can buy it in Beauty mart ( Harvey Nics London) which isn't available for everyone. I order mine online from Ebay Bioderma
Have a lovely week guys !!!

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