Monday, 25 February 2013

current hair care #1

So Unlike skin care I have been interested in hair and hair care for a while now- I am remember when I was younger flicking through hair mags and taking them along to the salon, I am fascinated by blow drying and lust after the perfect style. I still always rush to the hair section of T.K.Maxx.
         However I am incredibly fussy about who cuts it and I have been loyal to the same salon for about 12 years now so I never really have my hair cut in Lincoln because I simply didn't know anyone. However I recently went to Hair 100 and was seriously impressed Hayley the  stylist listened exactly to what I did and was incredibly friendly. My Boyfriend even said that they must be good because I was impressed as soon as I came out of the shop- with that I will defiantly be hitting here again and will be asking the lovely ladies to do my hair for graduation. 
With a new hair cut I decided to show you all what I am currently using on my hair unlike make up and skin care hair care is still split into your higher end products and your cheaper drug store however I think that unlike skincare and make up the drugstore really holds it's head above water especially with brands such as Lee Stafford , Tony and Guy and Trevor Sorbie.   

Shampoo's and conditioners: 

I change shampoo a lot but at the moment I am using Trevor Sorbie Beautiful blonde as my regular shampoo and conditioner but when I want a bit more volume and bounce I use the Lee Stafford BIG FAT HEALTHY HAIR . The Trevor Sorbie is great at locking in the colour and the moisture and uno both this and the Lee Stafford smell lovely.

Weekly treatments: 

Redken extreme shampoo and mask:

'Redken Extreme Shampoo provides a rich, abundant lather that gently cleanses, restores strength and adds shine' 

As much as I love my Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo I found my hair was longing for something a little more hydrating. The mask can be left on for 5-15 minutes which is great dependent on how your hair is feeling ... BOOM!  After this my hair feels clean , soft and healthy what more can a girl need?

Styling etc...

Elnett hairsprays :  I love these hairsprays yes there a bit pricey but by gorge they do work and they last forever.  For me Elnett has a sentimental value too me I love the smell of it and it always reminds me of dancing shows where our parents would spray almost a full can on our heads.
TIGI Bed head Dumb Blonde leave in conditioner: 
I don't use this as often as I actually should but when I do it makes my hair easier to brush and stops the ends from been as split. Like many of Tigi's products they have the scent nailed down to a tee.
Batiste blonde dry shampoo- I don't think I really need to tell you about why this product is so fantastic.
Tigi Catwalk heat defence-  Again it's a heat defence spray can't really say much more about it if I'm honest .
Bumble and Bumble prep- This is a great detanglling spray which does get rid of any knots and tangles(essential if you have dyed hair) but if I'm honest I prefer the Loreal kids detangler. 

So there you have it a run down of what I am currently using on my hair on a regular basis of course bits chop and change and if I'm styling my hair in a certain fashion I'll use a whole host of products. Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great week. I am hoping to feel better because I am currently facing the effects of the flu ... not nice. I would really appreciate if people would follow the blog on GFC - on the right hand side of home page . 

Have a great week xx

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