Thursday, 14 February 2013

'Honey I shrunk the kids '

Honey is not just one of those wonder products that taste 'amazeballs' but it's also really fantastic for your skin,hair and general health.  Traditionally the Ancient Greeks,Romans and Egyptians would use honey as an antiseptic which is why we now use it when your feeling a bit under the weather.   However it also has amazing results on your skin it moisturizer, natural antioxidant properties,tones the skin and is often used in exfoliation.Theres also something so comforting about the smell of honey. So ladies and Gentleman I give you my selection of honey based products.  

L'occitane shea honey foaming shower gel (£13) / Shea honey hand cream (£8) : 
I bought the shower gel because I fancied a bit of a luxurious shower treat and this is right up my ally ... It smells fantastic- not too sweet or sickly and it really does soften the skin (excellent for locking in a tan) . I then got this particular hand cream free (L'occitane had an offer that if their facebook page got enough likes they would give out free handcreams = happy bridgey ) however I often buy them for my mum who has very very dry skin and they always work a treat. The honey version does not disappoint. Next on my L'occitane wish list is the Shea honey whipped body cream . 
Lips - NUXE reve de miel (£9.50) + Nivea milk and honey lip balm (£1.99) :  
OMG!   I cannot rave about the NUXE lip balm enough yes it is expensive but it's worth every penny I use it religiously every night and  by morning my lips feel soft and ready for my lip products.  As for the Nivea lip balm I may or may not of picked it up because it contained honey  but it is actually really moisturizing. I like to keep this in my car ready to go. 
Body Shop -Honey& Oat 3 in 1 face mask (£10) : 
This mask claims to cleanse,polish and  moisturize . It does exactly what it says on the tin basically . Sometimes it'd nice that a product just does what it should no frills .  I must say I do quite fancy the Body shop honey bronze shimmering dry oil (maybe in the warmer months) 

So there you have it my love for honey  expressed :) 

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