Sunday, 3 February 2013

#2 Weekly beauty bits

So for this weeks beauty picks decided not to bore you with the skincare and haircare baskets because if I'm honest it's not changed so instead I have my make up picks and my travel/overnight picks as I went back up North for the weekend ....

As you can see this week is going to be all about the lips and I'm hoping dewy skin will be making a come back as the sun is trying to poke through . You will also notice that I finally picked up the Chanel soleil tan de chanel bronze universel I have been wanting this since the summer and no where had it. My boyfriend endured a good hour or two searching duty free for this bad boy! So when the lovely Chanel lady(it really does help if the MUA is nice) told me they had it in stock I soon ditched the blusher in favour of the bronze universel.... I am not disappointed.

So for weekend/ overnight I pack my bits and pieces  into this wrap bag from Soap and Glory. I like that you can see what's in and you can fold it all up to be bit more compact. I also pop the black YSL bag in  my handbag for whatever I'm wearing on the day or the odd touch up.
 So my overnight skincare/body bits reflect what I usually use so there the Emma Hardie, Liz Earle skin tonic and day cream, I also have a little bottle of Vichy Micelle water - I didn't want decant my bioderma because I'm running low n last time it leaked :( however this is a fine replacement.   Theres also boring stuff like deodrant, hair bits, toothpaste( I have very very sensitive teeth) . You'll also notice the YSL youth Liberater serum poking through - I bought this because as in a previous post I mentioned that the Khiels serum wasn't pratical for travelling. 
I must say I was proud of how light I came on the make up front . But there is something for every eventuality .  I found the body shop foundation in the depths of my draw and loved it so much I went and bought a new one today(review soon ). You will also notice that my powder Chanel tan de soleil is still in it's little bag/case this is because I stupidly dropped it and the packaging snapped in half so the pouch holds it together... cool story eh ?
Sorry about the long post but I hope you enjoy !
Have nice week see you weds :)

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