Sunday, 21 April 2013

This week #1

I've decided to do a weekly run down of my week as it's a great way for you the readers to get to know me and it's a place in which I can let you know whats been going on - all good in the hood :)

Sundaes at the yummy Lickity split - Yes I went here twice in the past week ... OPPS!

Product of the week ? 

I haven't really been dabbling with any new products this week  but I did pick up some gingerbread flavoured lip balm in the Lake Distrcit which not only tastes and smells fantastic but it really is very moisturising.... Perfect ! I've also been enjoying the Badger sleep balm which I reviewed earlier in the week.

Best read of this week? 
I really love catching up on blogs but this week I've really been getting back into reading books on my kindle . I really love that for half an hour or longer you can just forget about everything that's going on ... it's a lovely escape.  This week I've loved reading the I heart series by Lindsey Kelk I think I read 3-4 of her books this week.

Listening to? 
Easy and don't laugh but ... I've had Disney tunes on full blast the past few days . Well I am going next Saturday but hey who needs an excuse?

Top 5 of  the past week : 

1. Catching up with friends from the North ( my friends from home) ,getting ice-cream and planning a little trip to Edinburgh in May and maybe Dublin in September.

2.Me and James booked to go to Paris this weekend coming which includes a trip to Disney . We wanted a little holiday because we wont get one in the summer as I will be in Canada.

 3.Finally I purchased the beautiful Zara bag , embraced printed trousers and a neon vest ( not together)

4. I'm back in Lincoln for a jam packed week with friends :) this is even ruling out the masses of work.

5.Finally I decided that I wanted to apply to do the London Marathon next year :)


  1. those sundaes look amazing! I hope you enjoy Disney and keep 'revising' the tunes! x

  2. They really are fantastic !!! Thank you haha yes I just want them to be perfect :)